Research & Development

Anoxymer intensively investigates endemic teas, herbs and food from India and South America from which Anoxymer developes bioactive, standardized botanical extracts. These botanical extracts and their corresponding raw materials are used as ingredients for functional food and beverages like in dairy products, pastries and meat products as well as in nutritional and dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Quality, safety and scientifically proven efficacy of the raw materials and their extracts are the key factors of Anoxymer´s research and development work. Based on standardized botanical extracts Anoxymer offers its customers individually tailored solutions for their requirements. These comprise the optimization of solubility, taste and stability of the final product as well as country-specific regulatory issues.

Anoxymer also offers its customers full support during the development of the final product which consists of an assessment in creating proper health claims based on published scientific data and clinical studies as well as a target client-specific communication. Through an intensive collaboration with its suppliers Anoxymer guarantees a high quality of raw materials and extracts for the production of functional food.

The goal is to produce under BIO-criteria and most of Anoxymer´s products are organic certified.