Company Profile


Dietrich Paper, Ph.D. (born in Germany in 1960) is Head of R&D and responsible for the bioassay-guided isolation of natural compounds from natural sources, the development of Anoxymer´s pipeline and patent management. He spent 15 years in industrial and academic research focusing on carbohydrate-based compounds with antiangiogenic activity for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Ass. Prof. Paper has a profound knowledge on the isolation, analysis and pharmacological profiling of bioactives from different natural sources. He authored more then 40 publications and obtained the Egon-Stahl-Award in silver.

Karim Balan, Ph.D. (born in Spain in 1959) is Managing Director and responsible for Business Development, Licensing and International Marketing. Prior to joining Anoxymer he spent eight years in the international consulting business focusing on the consulting of European pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Dr. Balan also spent more than six years in the marketing divisions of German pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Balan holds a master degree in chemistry from the University of Heidelberg, a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Munich and completed post-graduate studies in biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich as well as post-graduate studies in economy from the University of Hagen (Germany).

Wolfgang Neldner, MBA (born in Germany in 1951) is Managing Director and responsible for Finance, Controlling and National Marketing. Prior to joining Anoxymer he spent more then 20 years in the chemical and agro industry dedicating his time in personel management, marketing and sales and finance. Mr. Neldner holds a master degree in Agrocultural Sciences from the University of Bonn and a degree in Economy from the University of Cologne.